Let me answer two questions here:

  1. Why does this blog exist?

  2. Why should you care?

I am trying to explain everything going on in the world to reduce uncertainty - the only way to resolve mental health problems. By profession, I am a Software developer and have overcome extreme poverty.

All of the traditional therapy practices assume a privileged background, hence I failed to get any results from them. Also, they are ineffective and require years of rigorous efforts like meditation and breathwork practices. I developed a novel way of tackling this mental health problem and in this blog, I am sharing my findings.

In my experience, all mental health problems are manifestations of perceived feelings of lack of power. That happens when our brain can't understand the events going on around us. It tries to fill the information gap, leading to the issues.

If we can reduce uncertainty and feel powerful enough to handle our problems, all mental health problems will be gone. As our brain will not have any reason to feel miserable.

Just like Newton summarized mechanics in three laws, I have summarized human psychology in three laws:

1. Humans only act out of their self-interests. That might be conscious or subconscious.
2. The subconscious mind is focused on ensuring our survival. It prioritizes tasks that it feels would help with our survival. 
3. To understand a human we have to look at two things - Power and Motivation. How much power do they hold and what is their motivation?

For this theory I am making two assumptions:

  1. Treating human emotions as currency.

  2. Treating our subconscious mind as a powerful overload of every human. And the human is responsible for what they are doing unconsciously.

Using my theory I have resolved all my issues - Social media addiction, Game addiction, Anxiety, Perfectionism, Laziness, Making my own decisions, Taking more risks, Hero worship, Quitting sugar, Getting confidence and self-esteem, People-pleasing behaviors, Staying motivated without external support, Jealousy, Improving communication skills, Getting fluent in English, etc.

Here are a collection of advices that helped me:

  1. You are not happy because your expectations are not matching the reality.

    1. So there are two options:

      1. Reduce expectations to be happy with what you have.

      2. Be more powerful to get what you want so you can feel happy.

    2. You can’t get everything. You have limited power so it’s important to get clear on what are your essential needs and only focus on getting them. And reduce expectations elsewhere.

  2. Achieve any goals using CCM Framework - Clarity, Conflict, Momentum.

    1. Gain clarity on what you want. You don’t need to figure out everything, but need just enough to get started.

    2. Resolve conflicts internally or externally to move forward.

      1. Internal conflicts are dealing with yourself. Lack of motivations for example.

      2. External conflicts are about dealing with other people. Negotiatons over required resources for example.

    3. Sustain momentum to keep doing what you need to do to achieve your goals.

  3. 9 prompts I use everyday to make decision faster:

    1. What will I gain from doing this? (Mindfulness)

    2. Will I regret doing this / not doing this after 6 months? (Mindfulness)

    3. How would me from 12 months ago feel about my progress? (Reflections)

    4. Can they harm me if I don't appease them? Can I handle this if they try to harm me? (People pleasing, overexplanations)

    5. Do I need to solve this problem? Does it even matter? (Setting priorities)

    6. Will I get any benefits from delaying this work? (Procrastination)

    7. What needs to be true to change my mind on this? (Decision making, overthinking)

    8. How am I going to use this information? (Just-in-time consumption, hoarding mindset)

    9. How can I make this task easier? (Productivity, motivation)

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Trying to explain everything going on in the world to reduce uncertainty, the only way to resolve mental health problems. Software developer by profession, overcame extreme poverty.


Trying to explain everything going on in world to reduce uncertainty - only way to resolve mental health problems. Software developer, overcame extreme poverty.